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What is ACARS?  ACARS is a VHF digital system used to communicate between the aircraft and the ground.  It can be thought of as "e-mail for airplanes".

I'll get more info as I find out more... this is new to me and I want to make sure the information I put on the page is correct.

Here's the frequencies that are used to transmit ACARS data to and from Aircraft.(see update below)

131.550    Primary  Channel Worldwide

130.025    Secondary Channel for US and Canada

130.425    US Channel

130.450    US + Canada

131.125    US

131.450    Primary for Japan

131.475    Air Canada Company Channel

131.725    European Primary

131.525    European Secondary

136.700    US

136.750    US

136.800    US

136.900    European?

136.925    ARINC European Channel

136.850    SITA North American Frequency

UPDATE:  The following frequencies were published in the April Popular Communications Magazine as the main frequencies for US and Canada.






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