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Guilford Frequencies

Town of Guilford

Frequency Usage Comments
453.700 Police Main Channel
453.525 Ambulance GPD somtimes uses this Freq.
46.060 Fire F-1 Town Of Guilford
46.42 Fire F-2 Town Of Guilford (control 2 Madison)
37.98 Public Works Town Of Guilford
157.485 Towing Guilfrod Texaco
44.48 Transport Guilford Senior Center
30.84 Fast Food Wendy's
154.57 Fast Food Wendy's
42.96 Fuel JJ Sullivan INC.
469.550 School Guilford Public Schools
466.100 Fuel Buchta Oil Company
463.225   Bartlett Waste Removal
151.655   Shelley Brothers
49.000   New England Forest Products
44.48   Seaboard Inc.
155.28 School Busses Laid Law Transit
460.150 PD HOTLINE Used to communicate between other Police depts.

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