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Current and on-going Projects

Right now I'm working on making a 4 level decoder for my BC895xlt to be able to decode pagers.  So far I have gotten as far as putting some of the components on the pc board.  Haven't had time to get much else done on it.  For the mean time, I'm using the audio output off the headphone jack connected to the line-in on my sound card.   For software, I'm using PDW.  So far so good!  Seems to work really well.   While that works fine, I wanted to build the decoder so that I would be able to use PDW with my laptop and my portable scanner.  I'll keep everyone posted as to how my project is going.  Hopefully I will be able to get back to this project soon.   Here is a simple schematic that I'm working from.  Like I said, I havn't had a chance to finish it and test it... I will be posting what happens here when I do finish it.  In the mean time I'll be using my sound card to interface the scanner to the computer. 4level1.gif (23259 bytes)