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Connecticut State Frequencies


These frequencies are for HAZMAT, Police HOTLINES, etc.  I don't know how active these frequencies are, but it might be worth it to listen here.  I will update as soon as I find updated information.

154.585    CT HAZMAT Response                                                     connecticut map.jpg (13265 bytes)

154.890    CT State Police "Special Ops" May have changed to 800mHz. Digital

161.145     Northeast Nuclear Energy, Emergency Net

153.815    State Health Department (pl 203.5)

44.680    State DEP    F-1 Administrative PL 114.8

44.720    State DEP F-2 HAZMAT PL 114.8

44.760    State DEP F-3     Park/Rec PL 114.8

44.920    State DEP F-4    Enforcement PL 114.8

47.620    Northeast Utilities, Emergency Net

34.500    CT Army National Guard PL 151.4

38.500    CT Army National Guard

460.075    Hartford County Police Hotline RADS Ch-1

460.150    New Haven County Police Hotline


 Just Added 7/12/02

Bradley International Airport

    Air National Guard

 173.5875    Fire/Crash

 163.4875    Security                                             

 349.700     Operations

    National Guard

        34.150    Tac-1

        34.750    Tac-2





        243.900    Operations


More to be added soon...  Thanks for your patience. 


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