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Hamden Connecticut



           UPDATE!!!        460.025  Hamden PD
Hamden switched to the new frequency of 460.025 I believe in December '02 They are using the old Waterbury frequency since Waterbury is now a 800mHz Digital system.
Check out the article further down this page.  As for the fire dept., I'll find those frequencies asap.

39.58 Police  PL 114.8 Local Ops No longer active
39.40 Detectives PL 114.8  No longer active?
33.54 Fire Dispatch PL 110.9
154.010 Ch 1 Disp. to Stations PL 107.2
154.160 Ch 2 Fireground PL 107.2
154.430 CH 3 Fireground PL 107.2
154.355 CH 4 Fireground PL 107.2
153.800 CH 5 Command Post PL 107.2
154.295 CH 6 South Central PL 107.9
155.340 CH 7 State Wide EMS PL 203.5
154.600 Quinnipiac College
464.375 Quinnipiac College
464.825 Quinnipiac College
469.8125 Quinnipiac College
461.5375 Whitney Center
463.350 Whitney Center
464.800 Whitney Center
155.160 Student Transport PL110.9
45.920 Area Cooperative Education Student Trans.
33.020 Hamden Highway Maint. PL 82.5
155.715 Eli Whitney School
155.880 Local depts. PL 141.3
HAMDEN After decades of bad reception and static, town police could have a new radio dispatch system by the end of summer.
"All the equipment is ordered now. We're looking at Sept. 1 to be up and running," police Chief Robert Nolan said.
The Legislative Council recently approved spending up to $488,000 for a new tower, hookups and equipment and authorized a contract with Hamden-based Utility Communications for that system.
"It's going to be a big technology change from what we have," said Sgt. Joseph Murray, head of central communications.
Hamden currently uses an antiquated low-band radio dispatch system built in the late 1950s. The signals are too weak to transmit through buildings or reach parts of town near mountains such as the West Woods neighborhood and Quinnipiac University or in low areas such as State Street.
When officers travel to those "dead spots" they lose touch with central command and can't tell the dispatcher what is happening at the scene.
The town bought and installed two additional satellite receivers in 2000 to reduce the dead spots, but officers still struggled with bad reception.
The new high-frequency system would penetrate buildings and guarantee coverage in no less than 95 percent of the town, Nolan said.
Murray said the new system will allow officers to communicate with other area police departments and school security officers at the high school and middle school.
The new system also will have private channels so officers can exchange confidential information about investigations or raids. It will have emergency buttons that officers can press if they need backup.
Residents with home scanners would have to reprogram the frequencies to listen to scanner traffic.
The tower will serve police but also will strengthen signals for the fire department, which already uses a high-frequency radio system.

The system had to be in place by November or Hamden would have lost the available radio frequencies to another department. If that happened, Hamden would have been forced to wait another three years to upgrade its system.
Some other communities have switched to digital police radio systems that cost more than $1 million. But Nolan said the high-frequency analog system would perform just as well as a digital system.

Hit Counter


(sorry its out of order... I'll try to fix it soon) 

1 Back-Up Unit 
51 Intoxicated Person 
2 In Service
 52 Loitering Complaint 
3 Out Of Service 
53 Active Alarm 
4 Meal Or Coffee Break 
54 Building Found Open 
5 Emergecny-Lights & Siren 
55 Checking Building 
6 Routine-No Emergency 
56 Vandalism 
7 Gas Vehicle 
57 Continue Investigation 
8 Officer Needs Help 
58 Recording Report 
9 Information Request 
59 Radar In Operation 
10 General Broadcast 
60 Supervisor Requested 
11 Alarm Of Fire 
61 Pick Up Dead Or Injured Dog 
12 Fire Department 62 Roaming Or Barking Dog 
13 Fire Rescue 
63 Lost Or Missing Dog 
14 Motor Vehicle Accident 
64 Animal Bite Complaint 
15 Pedestrian Struck
65 Go To Dog Pound 
16 Hit And Run Accident 
66 Animal Struck By Vehicle 
17 Ambulance 
67 Fireworks Complaint 
18 Tow Truck 
68 Loud Party-Excessive Noise 
19 Serious Injury 
69 Juvenile Complaint 
20 Sudden Illness 
70 Assume Patrol Of Area 
21 Sudden Death 
71 Escort 
22 Homicide 
72 Change To Frequency Two 
23 Investigative Division 
73 St. Raphael Hospital 
24 Burglary 
74 Yale-New Haven Hospital 
25 Hold Up 
75 Vehicle Stop 
26 Robbery 
76 Engine Trouble 
27 Shoplifting 
77 Flat Tire 
28 Assault 
78 Radio Trouble 
29 Larceny 
79 Administrative Errand 
30 Harassing Phone Calls 
80 Notify Medical Examiner 
31 Transporting Prisoner 
81 Notify State Attorney 
32 Prowler 
82 Notify Area Towns 
33 Suspicious Person 
83 Notify State Police 
34 Suspicious Vehicle 
84 State Jail-New Haven 
35 See Complainant 
85 Contact Your Home 
36 Family Dispute 
86 Juvenile Detention-New Haven 
37 Missing Person 
87 Disabled Motorist 
38 Stolen Motor Vehicle 
88 Car Wash Request 
39 Tampering W/Motor Vehicle 
90 Priority Call 
40 Parking Complaint 
91 In Pursuit Of Vehicle 
41 Motor Vehicle Complaint 
95 Deterrent Run 
42 Go To Vo-Ed 
100 Cease Radio Transmission
43 Go To Headquarters/Division
44 Telephone To
10-4 Acknowledgement
45 Meet Policeman
10-5 Repeat Message
46 Location
10-6 Stand-By
47 Traffic Duty-Location
10-7 Collect System Down
48 Bomb Threat
49 Fight Or Disturbance
50 Drunk Driver
2-1 Mt. Carmel
2-5 Hamden Mart And Plaza
2-2 Centerville
2-6 Benham Street
2-3 Ridge Road
2-7 Woodin Street To New Haven
2-4 State Street East