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i-TAC Frequencies


These are 800mHz frequencies used by PUBLIC SAFETY AGENCIES (Local, State, Federal).

866.0125    National Calling

866.5125    i-TAC1

867.0125    i-TAC2

867.5125    i-TAC3

868.0125    i-TAC4

Comms are analog with a PL 156.7  These frequencies are licensed by many law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Please note that 821.0125, 821.5125, 822.0125, and 823.0125 are repeater input frequencies.  The following are currently licensed to operate on ITAC:   State of Conn., Greenwich, Stamford, Shelton, Waterbury, Meriden, East Hartford, Norwalk, South Windsor.  As I find out more information on these frequencies, I will update the page.


Updated 2/21/02

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